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Do we pierce minors?

ordinarily, yes! minors may be pierced with parent / guardian's consent. you will need a photo i.d. for the minor (drivers license, passport, school id, even a school yearbook will do! - something that shows their photo and their name), a photo id for the parent or guardian, and either a birth certificate or custody papers connecting the parent and child!

Our piercers may also consent to minor ear piercings as young as 5 years old - this is at the discretion of the piercer and may require a conversation between the piercer and the minor to be pierced prior to the procedure. 


What are our piercing prices?

Ear lobes - $40 each

Helix - $45

Tragus - $50

Shen-men/flat - $50

Rook - $60

Daith - $50

Conch - $50

Industrial - $60

Septum - $50 

Navel - $50

Nose - $40 

Eyebrow - $50

Lip/labret - $50 

Upper lip/medusa - $55

Vertical labret/Ashley - $60

Web/smiley - $60

Tongue - $50
Nipples - $40 each

Genitals - start at $95 #

# VCH piercings performed by Hallie in our West Monroe Shop.


how do i take care of my piercing / do you provide aftercare? 

our clients are provided with written aftercare at the conclusion of their piercing! Included with your aftercare are instructions on how to make your own saline wash. We also proudly carry H2Ocean products if you would like to purchase a premade aftercare product.  

The More YOU Know!

We have a high volume of emails come through, and unfortunately sometimes someone slips through the cracks or it takes us longer than expected to get in touch! If you have submitted an appointment request and haven't been contacted in regards to your inquiry within 7 days, or if you are hoping to get pierced within 7 days of today's date, please give us a call to speak to us in person ( 318-654-7640 west monroe / 318-512-4317 monroe)
or use the social media links provided on your artist's gallery to contact them directly.


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